Welcome to my blog!!

Hi, I am Kaspr Goodman and you have found my blog. My home on the web so to speak.


A couple of years ago I set out on a journey to rediscover happiness. It had been so long since I had felt real happiness, I was not sure I would ever find it again. I had actually forgotten what true joy felt like.

I spent a lot of years in emotional pain, then I spent quite a few more completely shut down. It was the only way I could survive the horrors of everyday life and continue to push forward no matter what life threw at me.

I have spent the last three years learning who I am, what I love, what my boundaries are, and how to experience happiness. It has been a long journey, and I still have quite the road ahead of me but I have finally regained my happiness. I have finally learned who I am and have come to accept my strengths and weaknesses as things that are part of what defines “me” instead of things that describe me.

By writing this blog, my book, and answering questions for the masses it is my sincerest hope that I can inject love, happiness, compassion, and care back into the world by helping others be as happy with their lives and all the things that happen in them as I am with mine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am really looking forward to growing together with you over the foreseeable future.

Peace, love and happiness always,