The theory of Narcissistic reality!!

**EDIT 1-1-2015…please take the time to read this after reading the following article. Important clarification resides within.**

In my coming book “The Universe in Macrovision: How to transform everything…relatively.” I talk about the theory of narcissistic reality.

I developed this theory…unknowingly…through the entirety of my life experiences and now I would like to share it with you.

First, to understand the theory, you have to take a step back and divorce yourself from the negative connotation of the word narcissism. Admittedly, the dictionary paints a very bleak definition of the word but I beg to differ.

What makes narcissistic reality theory, not a negative thing is the fact that it is a biological and logical defense mechanism.

Let me start by saying that due to the ways of the world and society in general, most, if not all of us who live in developed nations are forced into narcissistic realities. Again, everything and everyone has one.

From the ground you walk on to the buildings around you. From the plants, trees, and air to the people, animals, and machines you interact with, everything has a narcissistic reality.

Narcissistic reality ends at the edge of your sensory perception. So in short, to describe the physical boundaries of a narcissistic reality you could lay a piece of paper flat on a table. Put a dot on the paper for every single thing that exists and draw a circle around it to denote where its sensory perception ends.

For example, if it is a building, its sensory perception would end at its walls. The building cannot directly experience anything that does not touch it so that is where its NR ends. Are you following me here?

So for a human being a NR would end where your sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste end.

Now if you take a step back and hover over the paper you just drew on in your mind, you will see that all of those NR circles are constantly overlapping the NR circles of other things, people, animals, plants, etc.

In fact, you have literally tens of thousands of NR interactions with animate and inanimate objects every single day.

Why do we live in these? How is this a defense mechanism? It sounds to me like you are just describing everyday life.

Indeed I am but here is where the theory comes in. NR is a defense mechanism that we, humans, create to help us deal with the unbelievable volume of information we are presented with every day.

Our bodies, and minds were not built to absorb and categorize the sheer volume of information we are presented with. If we remembered and processed every single piece of information we had access to and were exposed to every day, we would go insane.

Enter NR. In order for us to deal with our lives and the current state of society we tend to, as a defense mechanism, retreat into our NR. If it does not happen within range of our sensory perception, we simply cannot and do not think about it.

Simply put, anyone living in a modern developed society is suffering from information overload.

Here is the good news though. This defense mechanism actually makes it very easy for us to break this mold. For us to reach inside, find the best in ourselves, and overcome. Every single one of us has the ability to reach beyond our NR and grasp the humanity that we seem to be losing so rapidly.

NR makes it very easy for you to realize and change your behavior. NR makes it very simple for you to fall in love with the world again. For you feel the magic in the air around you like you did when you were five.

The answer is simple, remember that every single thing you do during every second of the day is an NR interaction. Each of those NR interactions, even if only a split second long can have lasting and profound effects on the entity you are interacting with.

If you step on a plant, it is an instantaneous and short NR interaction but it does lasting, permanent and catastrophic damage to the plant you stepped on. If you pull the plastic tabs off a 6 pack and throw them down it could get caught around the neck of a bird and kill it. If you give a homeless man a dollar it just might be the one act of kindness that keeps him from doing something drastic that evening. If you help a friend when they are in need it might just be the one interaction that keeps them from losing faith in humanity.

In short the blessing behind narcissistic reality theory is, it gives you a way to think about each and every interaction one at a time and gives you the opportunity to make a choice about who you want to be not only for yourself but for the world around you. All you have to do is treat every single one of those NR interactions with respect.

That does not mean you have to actively think about every footstep, what it means is, the next time you go to drop a cigarette butt, think about the NR interaction you are about to have and that the respectful interaction would be to place that butt in the trash.

In short, start with one a day, try to change on NR interaction a day to something more respectful. You will find over time you do it more and more often because it feels good. It sends you home knowing that the world is a tiny bit better because you took the time to realize everything has a life and a history and you made an active effort to be respectful of that.

Mark my words, this will change your outlook on life, the world, and everyone/everything in it. The change won’t happen over night, it will be slow but I promise it will be ever so satisfying.

Peace, love and happiness always,