Having a body of glass

glass-female-body-sculptureHello everyone. I think it is time I start to address the concept of having a body of glass. Those of you that know me personally already know I am a sensitive. I pick things up from people and the world around that have/are/are going to happen.

This is NOT an easy way to live. In a lot of cases sensitives find themselves overwhelmed in social situations. We are usually overwhelmed without warning and in a major way.

Because of this, sensitives usually have to have some sort of defense mechanism when we are going out. We need to be cautious of the emotional situations we are getting into.

Well, I have heard the term “body of glass” many times. I always thought it was a load of crap to be honest. How could a sensitive person just let everything pass through them?

I should take a moment and describe the idea of having a body of glass. In short, it is the idea that, in your mind, you are going to let everything you feel, hear, see, smell, and taste pass through you and you choose what to hold on to.

This sounds much easier than it is. To be honest, when you first achieve this state of mind it feels rather aloof. You find yourself traveling through the world feeling as if you are not actually a part of it. This feeling passes quickly though and when it does a feeling of calm and serenity washes over you in even the most intense of spaces.

I achieved this state of mind for the first time only recently. It took me a while to figure out how I achieved it. I had to sort of reverse engineer the state of mind as I stumbled into it quite by accident.

The secret for me was making sure I knew what I was getting into, that I was sure that in all likelihood I could not be hurt, and I was out in public, in the crowds, with people I care about and love very much who also feel the same about me.

Before I left I took the time to do a short meditation. I was able to plug into my inner brain and remind myself, no, convince myself that I was not going to be hurt, that I was with people I loved, and that almost no matter what happened, when it was over, life would go back to normal.

We ventured out and as we were walking along the street I realized that even though there were hundreds if not thousands of people out, I was not worried, I was not in fear, and I was not overwhelmed by all the feelings of the people around me.

I could still see them. I could still hear them. I could still feel them but things passed through me, they did not stick like usual and take residence in my mind or in my energy field.

In short, what I did was make the decision that no matter what I experienced I was going to enjoy it and appreciate it for exactly what it was, an experience. This allowed me to get into a state of mind that I am now calling the participating observer.

When you are in participating observer mode you have made up your mind that you are going to be a part of the action but that you are not going to let that action or the energy associated with it reside inside you or your field of energy. When you do this, you really are, just making up your mind that no matter what happens you are going to enjoy yourself and the experience you are about to have.

I think you might be surprised at how many things about your life you can change just by making up your mind firmly to change it and then being that change.

Try the body of glass idea next time you are going out into an intense situation. Do a quick 15 minute meditation and think about the fact that you are not going to be hurt, you may not enjoy everything about it, but that whatever you experience in relationship to your function or whatever it is you are doing is going to have value going forward, even if that value is only witnessing something you did not enjoy and remembering to appreciate the experience and having it so that you can use it to relate to how awesome the better things to come are when they arrive.

Peace, love and happiness always,