Hi, I’m Kaspr Goodman!

Hello everyone, I am Kaspr Goodman. I am a technologist, blogger and author here in Austin, TX. I have been in the technology industry since 1993.

kaspr headerI am an avid gamer, technologist, computer nerd, and relationship advisor.

I was born in Southern California and moved to Texas when I was 23. I have lived in Austin ever since.

I have been through a lot of turmoil in my life. I have lost jobs, been broke, homeless, used, degraded and put down most of my life by most of the people I have met.

I have used these trials and hardships to learn who I am and figure out my place in the world. I also have used it as an example of how NOT to act towards others. Now I have emerged a nearly 40 year old man who has a very different view on life and a completely new perspective.

I am hopeful that I can share my experiences and insights with you so that you may gain what I have gained without having to suffer through the pain I had to endure to learn these lessons.

I look forward to getting to know my readers, sharing my experiences with you, and growing together.

Peace, love and happiness always,